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The source of the Lobuche river in the Himalayas

The Himalaya region is the birthplace of an impressive large number of rivers. One of them is the Lobuche River on the south side in Nepal. At a height of 5.364 metres this flow arises from the Khumbu Glacier, in the immediate vicinity of the Everest South Base Camp.

Canadian film maker Nick Versteeg visited this location and made some beautiful shots of one of the highest river sources in the world.

Nick filming


Volunteering services for Rotary International I created a variety of productions by filming Rotarians at work in Kathmandu and in Khumjung, a beautiful small village in the Himalayas.

Together with my colleague Ivan Bacica I decided to include a five-day trek to the South Everest Base Camp. On this beautiful but strenuous trek we followed the Lobuche river through a spectacular valley with mountain peaks all around you. 

Global warming

The closer you get to the Base Camp the more you can see the results of global warming. Sadly, a large area of the Khumbu Glacier is slowly disappearing. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that these spectacular glaciers are keeping the world at the right temperature; the more land is exposed, the warmer it will get.

We followed the river all the way to the base camp. We had to fully cover our exposed skin, as the sun would burn skin in seconds.

near the source

Because of the very high altitude, we had to walk very slowly before reaching the 5000-meter mark in Gorakshep. 

The mountains are beautiful and breathtaking, and it literally takes your breath away. 

“You can hear the water running deep under the glacier"

At this point the river becomes a small stream covered with sheets of ice.

The Khumbu Glacier at Everest base camp sits on a massive glacier and the water runs on top of this glacier. At night everything freezes over, but staying in tents you can hear the water running deep under the glacier.


Two days later, on the 25th of April, 22 people were killed at Everest Base Camp when a 7.3 earthquake struck Nepal. Fortunately we had just returned to Namche Bazar where we experienced the earthquake full force. But we were lucky and able to return home a week later. Shaken but alive.