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Abbey Wood: between squirrels and foxes

18A-Sign Abbey Wood

The best way to explore the river Thames in the city of London is on foot. Travelling with their camperbus our reporters therefore chose for a three nights stay at the Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site. At first glance this location seems rather far away from the city river banks. But railway station Abbey Wood is within 5 minutes walking distance from the campsite and trains leave frequently every 35 minutes straight into the centre of the city.

Returning to the site after a busy day in London provides great relaxation. Surrounded by mature trees full of birds singing, gives a real rural feeling.

During our stay this mood was strenghthened by the exuberant presence of squirrels. Among the quiet scenery these animals don't seem to display a fear of humans. Amazingly close to our camperbus they were looking for food and playing games with each other. That’s why photographer Tonny had no problems working into the evening…

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According to the wardens of the site they've had a few problems with other animals, like cheeky foxes. Guests are warned to keep their footwear inside at night, because the foxes like to steal shoes and boots for building their nests… 

18C- Wardens Pete and Sandra Wood

Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site is well organized and wardens Pete and Sandra Wood (photo left) are surrounded by a group of dedicated assistant wardens.

Their approach is professional and friendly.

Using the modern and always very clean toilet and shower blocks doesn’t give any reason to complain and bulging trash cans or any other form of pullution are nowhere to be seen.

No wonder this 'open all year' site is often fully booked, especially during summer months. The site also turns out to be a popular base for visitors to special events in London, such as concerts, sports competitions like Wimbledon and soccer matches, Christmas shopping and the Chelsea Flower show. During the London Olympic Games in 2012 the campsite was overcrowded with people from all over the world.

For more extensive information about Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site:

18D- Volunteer Bill

ne of the most loyal and oldest volunteers of Abbey Wood Caravan Club Site is Bill.

During his active life he was a caravan salesman and nowadays he offers a helping hand at Abbey Wood twice a week. 

Hearing about our river project Bill remembers a sad incident from the last episode of World War II.

“Lack of navigation equipment forced German parachutists to use the Thames as guideline. We lived along the banks of the river at that time and one day I saw four soldiers descending. Before they were caught these soldiers managed to kill 13 school children from the air. Although it’s a very long time ago, I will never forget this…”

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